Have questions on the new digital banking platform? Scroll through the questions and answers below.

General FAQs

No, you will need to have valid email address to use digital banking. This is to support you with features such as “Forgot Password”. A mobile phone number is optional to use with digital banking for features such as one-time passwords and notifications.

This message is taking place for any member who's currently a grantor of a power of attorney, and/or acting as a power of attorney. There are a few extra steps you need to take to log in to the new digital banking platform for the first time. You should have received an email on March 3 and 7 with more details. You can contact the Power of Attorney Member Support line at 306-337-4121 for assistance or contact your financial advisor directly.

Not at all. There are a variety of ways for us to serve our members from both digitally and at the local branch. The new digital banking platform is an update to our online and mobile banking all focused to serve members better.

The new digital banking platform is an update to our online and mobile banking platforms. You still have the option to use cash, and can visit your local branch to withdraw or deposit cash.

Over the last 6 months plus, we've done intensive testing with our over 900 employees as well as a pilot group of members.

Our members' privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. Our digital banking platform is designed with your security in mind. For example, we use one-time passwords as an added layer of security for key transactions, like resetting a password or adding a bill payee. These one-time passwords are sent to your email or mobile phone and must be input into the platform when prompted. This extra step serves as verification of your identity and helps ensure you intend to do these transactions.

Please fill out our Connect With Us form and we will contact you.

The online banking landscape is changing, and we must change with it to continue delivering products and services to our members the way they want it and when they want it.

First Time Login

You will need to sign into the new Conexus Digital Banking Platform to create a new username, accept terms and conditions and validate any additions or edits to your information with a one-time password.

Both the mobile app and web browser can be used for completing first time login.

An e-mail address is mandatory to use the Conexus Digital Banking Platform. For the first time login, if the email address field populates, and is correct, you don’t need to validate. However, if there is no phone number, you need to enter it and validate. Entering a mobile phone number is optional.

To use our online and mobile banking services, you need to change your browser and/or device settings to enable JavaScript and cookies. We require this to detect when your online banking account is accessed by unknown or unexpected devices while utilizing Conexus’ banking services to assist in determining potentially fraudulent activity. Doing a quick search in your browser (how to enable cookies and how to enable JavaScript) will bring up detailed instructions for you to follow or you can refer to your browser’s Help section. In addition, you can also try using incognito or a private browsing mode.

Username and Passwords

If the username you want doesn’t fit the minimum criteria of characters, you will see a note “Enter a valid username” review the minimum criteria and try again. If the username you want is currently in use, you will see a note “This username is not available” and a few new options will be suggested.

Your username must be between 5 and 34 characters. It can contain alphanumerical characters and the following special characters: underscore (_), dash (-), and no more than one period (.) in a row.

Note: Remember your primary username, as it cannot be changed. However, once you’ve logged into the new platform, you’ll have the option to create a secondary username which can be changed.

Your password must be between 7 and 48 characters and include a minimum of one of each of the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number—special characters are optional.

We have made the decision to move to usernames rather than card number login to increase the security of your account. A strong, unique username, combined with a strong unique password ensures your account is better protected.

No, once you’ve chosen a primary username, you won’t be able to change it. However, once you’ve logged into the new platform, you’ll have the option to create a secondary username, which can be changed.

You can do this by clicking on My Conexus > Security > Change username.

You will need to call our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477 to retrieve your username.

Two-Factor Authentication and One-Time Passwords

One-time passwords provide an additional layer of protection for your digital banking. It’s a numeric security code (up to 7 digits) that you will receive via email or SMS when you perform certain activities.  The code is time sensitive and valid only for a limited amount of time.

The purpose of two-factor authentication/one-time passwords is to have a second layer of protection to minimize the risk of fraudulent attempts and help maintain security.

Features that have two-factor authentication are:

  • Self-serve password reset

  • Add a bill payee

We’ll send your one-time password by email or text message depending on which default channel you choose on the two-factor authentication page.

If you haven’t received your one-time password to the email address or mobile phone number associated with your account, you can request another.

Remember, for email, to check your junk mail or spam folders.

Check that your one-time password contact details are up to date on the Two-Factor Authentication page. If your details have recently changed, update your mobile number or email address using online banking or the app before you request another one-time password. Log out and try again.

If you're not receiving a one-time password through email, try to validate using your mobile phone.

Call our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477 if it still doesn't arrive after you request it.

Call our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477.


The app uses an in-app browser to log the user in. Once authenticated with username and password, it will take the you back to the app once you put in your information.

You will be locked out of digital banking after three failed password attempts. You can select the Forgot password at any time to reset your password or call our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477.

No, you will use the username you set up when you first logged into the new Conexus Digital Banking Platform.

Features and Enhancements

Yes, the Quickview feature displays the balances of your accounts at any time the app is open, without needing to log in first. Quickview can be found on the menu located at the bottom of your screen under More > My Conexus > Widget Settings

  • Toggle the widget on

  • Click add new

  • Name the widget (this will be displayed on the log in screen)

  • Select which accounts you’d like to show up

  • Click the (+) in the top right corner to add the account

  • To add more accounts, click add new

To view more of your transaction history:

  • Go to Latest Activity at the bottom of the home screen

  • Click show more

  • Click button resembling magnifying glass top right of screen

  • Input time periods you’d like to view

This feature is currently available on the desktop version of the digital banking platform. Simply click into the account and click the plus sign to view the running total. Unfortunately, at this time this feature does not exist on the mobile apps. This is something we are looking to build into the platform in the future. There is no ETA as to when to expect this new functionality.

This is a feature that does not exist today, however, we are looking to build into the platform in the near future.

Favourite transactions are transactions that can be saved as your 'Favourites' so they can be re-used in the future, making these transactions quick and easy to complete.

Favourite transactions can be customized with a name and photo and can be edited at any time.

To send an Interac e-Transfer you must have a profile created and the recipient added to your contact list.

  1. Log in to digital banking

  2. If you’re using online banking, under Transfers > Interac e-Transfer select Send money. If you’re using the mobile banking app, tap the Transfer menu, at the top tap Interac e-Transfer and then Send money

  3. Select the account you want to transfer funds from

  4. Select the recipient and the amount of the transfer

  5. Click Continue

    Be sure to let the recipient know the answer to the security question (but don't send it along with the transfer). Your account will be debited the transfer amount immediately, plus a service fee (if applicable).

    You'll be able to easily access e-Transfer from the homepage of the new digital banking platform with the quick link 'Send Money'.

    1. Log in to digital banking

    2. If you’re using online banking, under Transfers > Interac e-Transfer select Autodeposit. If you’re using the mobile banking app, tape the Transfer menu, at the top tap Interac e-Transfer and the Autodeposit.

    3. Click Add Autodeposit

    4. Follow the steps provided

      Immediately after the transition to the new digital banking platform on March 7, e-Transfers could take up to 30 minutes. This is to be expected as Interac will treat each member profile as a new profile. Once Interac has an established history with the member and contact, the e-Transfer will be faster. This initial 30 minute delay helps limit fraudulent transactions.

      To request money through Interac e-Transfer you must have a profile created and the contact added to your contact list.

      1. Log in to digital banking

      2. If you’re using online banking, under Transfers > Interac e-Transfer select Request money. If you’re using the mobile banking app, tap the Transfer menu, at the top tap Interac e-Transfer and then Request money

      3. Select the contact you want to request funds from and enter the amount

      4. Choose the account you want the funds deposited into

      5. Click Continue

          No! Existing bill payees will transition to the new platform.

          After logging in to digital banking, you can set-up your alerts under Message & Alerts (on browser) or Alerts (on mobile app). To turn an alert on, click on the channel to toggle it on and choose the frequency or parameter for the alert.

          The new banking platform utilizes a feature called profile switching. If a member has personal and business accounts, both are accessible through one login, however, the accounts themselves are not merged. This means if someone else from the business logs in, they’re unable to see your personal banking information.

          Business Support

          You might have consolidated your accounts on our old platform. You can toggle between your accounts with the profile switching feature. If you have any questions, please contact your business advisor or our Member Contact Centre.

          • Go to My Conexus

          • Under Business Services

          • Click Create Delegate

          • Add in delegate’s information

          • And click Save

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